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We are specialists in Investment Management and the approved and only authorised provider of IMS facilitator training.  This is a very special responsibility that we take seriously. Our aim is to deliver the best, most relevant and practical training to support individuals and organisations in the principles, methodology and adoption of the Investment Management Standard.


We understand the government, corporate, academic and not-for-profit environments because we have worked constantly with clients in these areas over more than twenty years. We know the pressures and priorities that must be managed and have a fundamental commitment to supporting individuals and organisations to make better decisions and use their resources effectively so their clients and customers reap meaningful value.


The IMS was first established in 2004 by DTF for the Victorian Government and Fankhauser & Associates have been involved with IMS since that time. Rae Fankhauser has been a leading facilitator and the approved trainer across this entire journey. The company continues its intimate engagement with IMS through its ongoing training role as well as its consulting role in the latest refresh of the Standard.


Over the last 5 years we have trained more than 800 people and delivered training to a host of government and non-government organisations.


Rae Fankhauser

Rae Fankhauser is the director of Fankhauser and Associates and is a highly experienced trainer and accredited facilitator. She delivers all training programs, though sometimes she is supported by other accredited practitioners.

Rae has extensive experience in the facilitation of all workshops across the IMS suite. She has conducted in excess of 500 over the last 5 years. Clients for these workshops have involved business units and senior management teams from all Australian and New Zealand Government Departments, National cross-sectoral groups, local government and Universities and corporate organisations.




Please contact us either on +61 3 98766677 or info@facilitatortraining.com.au