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Investment Management Standard

Investment Management is a common sense ideas and practices that help organisations to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes. It's founded on the principle that getting the people who know most together for a evidence based series of  structured conversations will deliver clarity, ownership and the capacity for those who are accountable to make strategic decisions about investment and strategy.

The IMS principles and approach are scaleable and can be used for individual initiatives through to large scale organisational planning and investment.


It has been developed by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) in Victoria and has experienced rapid and widespread adoption across governments in Australia and New Zealand. DTF are responsible for the management and evolution of the Investment Management Standard.

The Standard is made up of a number of core practices that support a range of functions that organisations undertake to improve the way they operate and manage new investments.

These support organisations to:

The principles that underpin the Investment Management Standard are:

The 2 hour facilitated workshop is the mechanism used to achieve clarity about an investment, program of work or organisational performance.

The most current versions of all relevant documents and tools are available at


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