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Investment Management Standard training courses

Our training courses build your capability to use the IMS to shape business cases, enhance strategic planning, specify and realise benefits, shape smart solutions and plan for future challenges. We serve clients in the private and public sector as well as academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations

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Who we are

Fankhauser & Associates are the only training organisation authorised to deliver Investment Management Standards Training courses in Australia and New Zealand. We have been doing this for more than 15 years. We are passionate about the Investment Management Standard and deliver high quality training that makes a difference to individuals and organisations

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Why use the Investment Management Standard

The Investment Management Standard (ILM ) and its workshops are critical tools helping organisations to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes for the community, stakeholders, customers and government. These workshops stimulate new thinking and exploit opportunities to meet challenges now and in the future

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Upcoming courses

Our training courses are available online and in-person  in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and New Zealand. Visit the full training calendar to find the right course for you or contact us for any inquiry and information about our customised in-house courses.

Fankhauser & Associates provide dynamic, focused and interactive training programs that support businesses in their investment decision-making, business case development, benefit realisation and strategic planning.

The facilitation and application of the Investment Management Standard is the foundation of our training and business services. Our courses have been developed through extensive experience in consulting, stakeholder engagement, training and coaching. For more than 15 years we have been the only organisation authorised by the Department of Treasury and Finance to deliver training in Investment Management facilitation. We deliver training in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and New Zealand.

Training Courses We Offer

A one-and-a-half day (in-person) or 3 morning (online) foundation course providing a comprehensive overview of the IMS and training in the facilitation of the Problem Definition workshop and development of an Investment Logic Map

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A one-and-a-half day (in-person) or 3 morning (online) course exploring with the Benefit, Response and Solution Definition workshops that build evidence-based decisions and a robust case for investment.

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This is a one-day (in-person) or 2 morning (online) training course for individuals and teams who have completed Part 1 and 2 IMS training and wish to enhance their capability to run insightful and productive workshops. Accredited facilitators wishing to hone and elevate their practice are also invited

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This is a 3 day in-person course that incorporates the Part 1 course "Problem Definition and the ILM" and the Part 2 course "Benefit, Response and Solution Definition" across consecutive days. This course is publicly available in Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand as well as 3 day in-house courses in Melbourne and other States and Territories.

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Investment Management Standard

The Investment Management Standard is an innovative practice that ensures organisations can make informed decisions about how to best utilize their resources. Drawing on the collective knowledge of a multitude of experts, this evidence-centric approach allows for strategic conversations and provides clear direction as those in charge develop investment strategies with confidence.

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