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Investment Management Standard

The Investment Management Standard is an innovative practice that ensures organisations can make informed decisions about how to best utilize their resources. Drawing on the collective knowledge of a multitude of experts, this evidence-centric approach allows for strategic conversations and provides clear direction as those in charge develop investment strategies with confidence.

Why is the Investment Management Standard needed now?

The extreme social, financial and workforce pressures facing government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations make it imperative that decision-makers are able to make robust, transparent and smart plans and decisions about their priorities and investments.

IMS  core practices support a range of functions that organisations undertake to improve the way they operate and manage new investments.

These include:

  • Developing the strongest evidence-based case for an individual investment

  • Ensuring an investment realises the expected benefits

  • Enabling decision-makers to prioritise competing investments

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of a program of investment

  • Creating policy that best responds to the major challenges now and in the future

  • Defining an organisation's role and improve its effectiveness

Investment Management Principles

The Investment Management Standard (ILM in New Zealand) is a set of common-sense ideas and practices that help organisations to direct resources to deliver the best outcomes. It's founded on the principles that the best decisions will come from:

  • getting the right people in the room to have a series of structured and evidence-based conversations

  • developing a succinct, robust and clear articulation of the case for investment leads to better decisions

  • enabling decision-makers to test the logic of an investment and be confident about its value prior to allocating  resources.

There are  4  2-hour workshops in the IMS suite and they  follow a consistent line of enquiry

Problem Definition
What's the Problem?
Benefit Definition
What Benefits & KPIs need to be delivered
Response Definition
What Options should be considered & which one is preferred?
Solution Definition
What is the preferred Solution?

The IMS principles and approach are scalable and can be used for individual initiatives through to large scale organisational planning and investment. It has been developed by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) in Victoria and has experienced rapid and widespread adoption across governments, corporate organisations, tertiary institutions and not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand.

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