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Are you interested in in-house training? This can be an executive briefing, information session or any of our IMS courses. We can work with you to design a training course that meets your specific needs and priorities.

We have a number of in-house courses that can be customised to meet your training needs and business priorities.

These courses include:

If you are interested in any of these customised in-house courses please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Executive Briefings

We can prepare and deliver a customised executive briefing course for those organisations wishing to build understanding and adoption of the Investment Management Standard (IMS).  Training for executives is a critical component in the adoption and use of IMS to support organisational decision-making and investment prioritisation. Typically,  this is a half day training program that is aimed specifically at the needs and priorities of executives. 

The executive in-person training course will provide:

  • An understanding of the rationale and thinking that underpins the Investment Management Standard and how it can help organisations direct their resources to achieve the best outcomes from their investments.

  • Clear descriptions of each of the workshops and their products and workshop requirements

  • Outline of the role and leadership that executives and senior managers play in building adoption and accountability

  • Demonstration of the value that the IMS workshop discussions and products provide in investment decision-making, strategic planning, resource prioritisation, benefit realization and effective project delivery

  • Opportunities for participants to question and explore specific aspects of the Investment Management Standard and how it can be introduced and used across an organisation.

Training Course - Facilitator Training

Information Sessions

Our information sessions are led by expert trainers and accredited IMS facilitators who have extensive experience in all aspects of the Investment Management Standard, its workshops, products and applications across an organisation.  These information sessions are customised to the needs of individual groups. As with all our courses we focus on high quality information presented in an engaging and audience centred manner. They are 2.5 hours in duration.

Typically, the topics covered include:

  • Investment Management Standard – its intent, methodology and value

  • Detailed discussion of each of the IMS products – ILM, Benefit Management Plan, Response Options Analysis Report and the Investment Concept Brief

  • The use of the IMS workshops and products to shape and enhance business case development and investment decision-making

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Introduction to the Investment Management Standard

This is a one-day in-house course introducing the Investment Management Standard. It describes the range of potential applications as well as unpacks the scope, intent and quality of the major outputs from the IMS workshop suite

 This course is aimed at people:

  • Wanting to become better workshop participants

  • Needing to understand what a good ILM looks like

  • Preparing or evaluating business cases

  • Wanting to find out more about Investment Management

The Problem Definition workshop and the Investment Logic Map are described in detail.

At the heart of this workshop is

  1. Why are we having this conversation?

  2. What's the need,

  3. Where's the problem and

  4. How do we know?

By taking part in a number of practical exercises throughout the day, participants will build their knowledge and skills in the theory and application of this workshop as well as its linkage Benefit, Response and the Solution workshops. This course is often run to raise awareness and understanding of the value and outcomes of IMS workshops. 

Facilitator Training Session in Office
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